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PaviX boasts hefty testing credentials from Universities, Independent Laboratories, Special Industry and Project Groups as well as specialized and rigorous quality controls. And is available for all Concrete surfaces.


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Increase the Value of Your Home

Aesthetic value increases price appreciation of your property. This can increase the value of your home for remortgaging or resale.

Keep You House Looking It's Best

Applying our Eco-friendly, Waterbased Sealant eliminates surface scaling.

Making it easier to shovel and keeps it looking brand-new longer.


Be Environmentally Friendly

Our product is created with completely natural ingredients meaning that there will no effect even in environmentally sensitive areas.



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Minimalistic Stairs

Chem-Crete YufiX CCC1000 is a deep penetrating formulation used as a water repellent and sealer for all masonry and synthetic masonry substrates.

-Protects reinforcing steel

-seals cracks up to 1/16"/1.5mm

-Environmentally friendly/ No VOCs 

-Protects against mold mildew

-Single Component/ One Coat application

-Deep Penerating and Breathable product


Suburban Family Home

A unique, patented, dual crystalline, penetrating product that provides superior protection of on-grade concrete and masonry substrates.

-eliminates surface scaling

-resists chemicals(oil,caustics)

-Reduces ASR/ Silica dusting

-Seals Cracks up to 1/16"/1.5mm

-Prevents Penetration from Chroline Ions.

-Protection from Freeze/Thaw cycles

-Meets or Exceeds ASTM Testing

Empty Factory

Based on the patented, dual crystalline, penetrating product. 

-Resists Hydro-static pressure.

-Above/below grade application

-Sofix100 resistance up to 10lbs/water

-Sofix700 resistance up to 16lbs/water

-hydrophilic, hydroscopic crystallization

-Single component/Surface Penatrating

-Non-Film forming/ No VOCs No Odor

-Enhances Adhesion for most Coatings

-Indoor and outdoor application



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